X-Trial Rennes

Glaz Arena - November 23, 2019
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The Glaz Arena is one of X-Trial’s most modern venues, having been inaugurated as recently as 14th March 2019, with an impressively short fourteen month phase of construction at a cost of €20m.  The 2,000m2 space can host up to 4,500 spectators in comfortable seats.  

Designed to welcome various events, from conventions to shows, the arena posesses a stage that can be configured between 50 and 240m2 in size, facilitating a wide range of indoor competitions.  

The installation has already been internationally homologated by federations in a huge variety of sports: basketball, handball, volleyball, badminton, tenis, gymnastics, table tennis, boxing and skating.  

The current primary use of this facility is as the home ground for Cesson-Rennes Metropole HB, who have participated in the highest division of French handball since the 2009-2010 season.  The X-Trial World Championship is the first major international event to take centre-stage here.

Pos: 1
Rider: Toni Bou T. Bou
Team: Montesa Montesa
Country: SPA
Points: 20
Pos: 2
Rider: Adam Raga A. Raga
Country: SPA
Points: 15
Pos: 3
Rider: Jeroni Fajardo J. Fajardo
Team: Sherco Sherco
Country: SPA
Points: 12
Pos: 4
Rider: Miquel Gelabert M. Gelabert
Team: Gas Gas Gas Gas
Country: SPA
Points: 9
Pos: 5
Rider: Jaime Busto J. Busto
Team: Gas Gas Gas Gas
Country: SPA
Points: 6
Pos: 6
Rider: Benoit Bincaz B. Bincaz
Team: Sherco Sherco
Country: FRA
Points: 4
Pos: 7
Rider: Gabriel Marcelli G. Marcelli
Team: Montesa Montesa
Country: SPA
Points: 2
Pos: 8
Rider: Toby Martyn T. Martyn
Team: Montesa Montesa
Country: UK
Points: 1