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Be part of the success of the X-Trial FIM World Championship as a Partner or Local Organizer !!!!

X-Trial is much more than just a sport and has a very big potential thanks to its philosophy and concept. The events are staged in large arenas and enable the spectator to enjoy a full view of the competition, with spectacular tracks and challenging obstacles dressed with an attractive and innovative look. The best riders in the world are the main protagonists of this great show based in a very impressive discipline which is attractive, dynamic and young; undoubtedly one of the best ways to connect with the global youth market.

The innovation of the new X-Trial FIM World Championship adds value and builds a strong product that has a great exposure via TV broadcasting, social media platforms and marketing & communications.

Furthermore X-Trial is a particularly suitable sport for TV broadcast as it includes all of the ingredients needed to create a thrilling and fast-paced live TV show.

TV Broadcasting reaches more than 115 countries, with a 90-minute live TV show and a 52 Highlights Magazine.

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