X-Trial Granada

FIM X-Trial World ChampionshipGranada

Palacio Municipal de Deportes

February 23, 2019

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Granada’s Palacio Municipal de los Deportes was constructed in 1991 and is situated close to the football stadium Nuevo Estadio de Los Cármenes.  

The arena is a multi-functional venue with a capacity of 9,000 spectators that has regularly been host to team sports such as basketball and football.  Various concerts and shows have also been put on here, making it a reference-point not only for sporting but also social activity in the city.  It benefits from a generous allocation of 1,500 parking spaces.  

Among several competitions that have been staged here, highlights include the 2014 Basketball World Championship, a European Championship in the same discipline, the Intercontinental Futsal Cup, the World Padel Tour and various other top-level team Championships.  

The concerts that have formed the basis for the majority of non-sporting activities in the arena have featured top-level Spanish groups and singers as well as several international artists.

How to get there
Palacio Municipal de Deportes

Paseo del Emperador Carlos V, 1
18001 Granada


Motorways: A395 (Exit 2), A4028 and GR3202 1,500 parking spaces.  

GPS Coordinates:

4112138 447141 30S                                           


Numbers 121, 8, 111  


Metro de Granada – Palacio Deportes (7th stop from Armilla, 20th stop from Albolote)  


4km from Granada Station