Toni Bou shines in Andorra

November 27, 2017
by Pere Flores @Perflo135 / FIM X-Trial Journalist

Toni Bou shines in Andorra

The X-Trial World Champion received his eleventh gold medal at the FIM Awards Ceremony

Toni Bou was among the stand-out stars of the 2017 FIM Awards, motorcycling´s World Championship prizegiving event.  A total of 500 guests, including title-winners from each of the various disciplines, met at the Andorra Park Hotel, in front of the world´s television and for a live broadcast.

Bou received the gold medal obtained as the X-Trial World Champion, and was greeted with a warm reception from the ceremony´s other invited guests, including representatives of the world´s motorcycling federations and local authorities.  Last season, the Spanish rider was crowned for the eleventh consecutive season after an unbeaten season in which he beat main rival Adam Raga by 20 points.

The Repsol Montesa Honda rider reflected on a rewarding campaign: "I´m very happy to have had such a strong season.  The only bad thing is that now I have to repeat it, but I´m very motivated and am looking forward to the new season that´s just around the corner."

As a resident of Andorra, Bou was one of very few world stars in motorcycling who had only a very short distance to travel to attend the FIM Awards.  He continued, "in fact I only live about ten minutes from here and, having spent all season travelling, I´m grateful for a short journey.  The truth is I feel really good here and I feel it is the perfect place for me to carry out my training."

Bou will kick off the defence of his X-Trial World Championship in the forthcoming X-Trial Vendée, in France, with the target of an unpredecented twelfth consecutive crown.