X-Trial Madrid

Madrid Arena - April 2, 2022
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The Madrid Arena is a multipurpose pavilion located in the city of Madrid, Spain, in the Casa de Campo fairgrounds, a few minutes from the center of the capital. It was built from the old "Rockódromo", with the aim of being part of a hypothetical Olympic Games in Madrid, being part of the Madrid 2012, Madrid 2016 and Madrid 2020 candidatures.

Thanks to its fully retractable grandstand, it allows its capacity to be adapted both in number as in configuration to different uses: sports, shows or fairs. 

Pos: 1
Rider: Toni Bou T. Bou
Team: Montesa Montesa
Country: SPA
Points: 20
Pos: 2
Rider: Gabriel Marcelli G. Marcelli
Team: Montesa Montesa
Country: SPA
Points: 15
Pos: 3
Rider: Adam Raga A. Raga
Country: SPA
Points: 12
Pos: 4
Rider: Jaime Busto J. Busto
Team: Vertigo Vertigo
Country: SPA
Points: 9
Pos: 5
Rider: Matteo Grattarola M. Grattarola
Team: Beta Beta
Country: ITA
Points: 6
Pos: 6
Rider: Miquel Gelabert M. Gelabert
Team: Gas Gas Gas Gas
Country: SPA
Points: 4
Pos: 7
Rider: Benoit Bincaz B. Bincaz
Team: Gas Gas Gas Gas
Country: FRA
Points: 2
Pos: 8
Rider: Sondre Haga S. Haga
Team: Beta Beta
Country: NOR
Points: 1