X-Trial Barcelona

Palau Sant Jordi - February 4, 2018
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Constructed for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona on the mountain of Montjuïc, the Palau Sant Jordi has since been the home of the Barcelona X-Trial round, and with a seated capacity of 16,159 spectators is considered an architectural jewel, for its spectacular design and technical features.

During the Olympic Games, it was the primary indoor venue, home to Artistic Gymnastics, the Finales of the Handball, the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals in Men's Volleyball, and the Semi Finals and Final of the Women's Volleyball.  It was also the base for the Paralympic Games in Barcelona.

Year after year, the Palau has been the scene of some of the most exciting duels between the world's best X-Trial riders, and has also hosted the World Indoor Athletics Championship, the final stage of the European Basketball Championship, two Euroleague Semi Finals, two Davis Cup Finals, two World Swimming Championships, the 2014 Basketball World Cup, and various NBA friendlies.

Artists such as Bruce Springsteen, U2, Queen, Iron Maiden, Coldplay, Shakira, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna y Elton John have all performed on-stage in the Palau.

Pos: 1
Rider: Toni Bou T. Bou
Team: Montesa Montesa
Country: SPA
Points: 20
Pos: 2
Rider: Adam Raga A. Raga
Team: Sherco Sherco
Country: SPA
Points: 15
Pos: 3
Rider: Jeroni Fajardo J. Fajardo
Team: Sherco Sherco
Country: SPA
Points: 12
Pos: 4
Rider: Benoît Bincaz B. Bincaz
Team: Sherco Sherco
Country: FRA
Points: 9
Pos: 5
Rider: Jaime Busto J. Busto
Country: SPA
Points: 6
Pos: 6
Rider: Takahisa Fujinami T. Fujinami
Team: Montesa Montesa
Country: JAP
Points: 4
Pos: 7
Rider: Miquel Gelabert M. Gelabert
Country: SPA
Points: 3
Pos: 8
Rider: James Dabill J. Dabill
Team: Beta Beta
Country: UK
Points: 2
Pos: 9
Rider: Arnau Farré A. Farré
Team: Scorpa Scorpa
Country: SPA
Points: 1
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